If your business is looking for a comprehensive, high-quality design and construction service for exhibition booths at VIETNAM EXPO 2023 – the International Trade Fair of Vietnam, please contact Kconcept for expert consultation and the best-quality design and construction services.


Overview of VIETNAM EXPO 2023 – the International Trade Fair of Vietnam

VIETNAM EXPO 2023 is the largest and long-standing comprehensive trade fair in Vietnam, directly organized and directed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. This event is one of the significant trade promotion activities in the industrial and commercial sector, making a substantial contribution to the chain of cooperation and promotion of import and export trade.

The International Trade Fair of Vietnam is a great opportunity for domestic and international businesses to enhance the promotion of their products and brands, meet potential customers, and expand and consolidate the domestic market.

In addition, participating countries will have the opportunity to access and learn about the Vietnamese market, engage in investment and technology transfer, contributing to boosting export growth.


Exhibition sectors at VIETNAM EXPO 2023 include:

+ Machinery and Equipment: Construction machinery, Chemical products, Electrical and electronic products, Computers and telecommunications products, Home appliances, Hand and power tools.

+ Electrical and Electronic Equipment: E-commerce services and trade; Information technology; Applications and digital technology development.

+ International Pavilion: Showcasing outstanding products and services from each country organized by international trade promotion organizations.

+ “National Brand” Companies: Exhibition area for products and services of businesses awarded the National Brand title and key export industries of Vietnam.

+ Food and Beverages

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Kconcept – Trustworthy and Comprehensive Design and Construction of VIETNAM EXPO 2023 Exhibition Booths

Choosing a reputable and high-quality design and construction firm is of paramount importance for every business participating in exhibitions. Choose the most professional services to own impressive and appealing booths.

Kconcept proudly stands as the chosen design and construction firm for VIETNAM EXPO 2023 by many businesses. With over 10 years of experience in branding, booth design, and construction, we guarantee to deliver high-quality products to our customers.


In addition to our years of experience in the industry, Kconcept is also known as a famous brand in providing policies to optimize service costs to fit our customers’ budgets, fostering long-term cooperative relationships.

We continuously improve production, technology, and techniques, as well as adapt and upgrade to produce even better quality products that meet the current needs of our customers.

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