Vietfish – International Seafood Exhibition is often referred to as the ‘Asian Seafood Hub,’ where many businesses specializing in seafood gather. Here, businesses have the opportunity to network, collaborate in trade, and add more value to their enterprises. Kconcept, as a full-service exhibition booth design and construction agency, offers high-quality services for Vietfish. Contact us for the best exhibition booth design and construction consultation.


Event Details for the International Seafood Exhibition Vietfish

– Date: From August 23, 2023, to August 25, 2023.

– Venue: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC).

– Expected Scale: The event is expected to host over 350 booths from more than 200 small and large businesses representing 14 countries and territories.

Vietfish is the largest seafood industry exhibition in Vietnam, organized annually by the Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Producers. In addition to being an exhibition, Vietfish serves as a professional networking platform for businesses in the seafood industry.


Industries on display at the event:

– Seafood: Featuring a wide range of fresh seafood products such as shrimp, fish, squid, clams, and more.

– Machinery and Equipment: Vietfish will showcase equipment for processing, refrigeration, measurement, and various related machinery.

– Aquaculture and Other Services: Exhibiting additives, vaccines, chemicals, laboratories, and many other related services.

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Experience our full-service exhibition booth design and construction for Vietfish at Kconcept

To leave a lasting impression and attract more customers compared to your competitors, it’s essential to choose a professional and reputable agency for designing and constructing your exhibition booth at Vietfish. Your booth is not just a display; it represents your company and showcases your finest products. Therefore, selecting an impressive booth design and construction agency with extensive experience in handling large exhibition booths is crucial.


If you are preparing to participate in the exhibition and are looking for a reliable and professional agency to design and construct your exhibition booth, Kconcept is the perfect choice. With years of experience in designing exhibition booths for trade fairs and a team of creative and meticulous architects and technicians, we can help you create the most attractive exhibition booth.

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information and to address any inquiries about our services.

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