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Exhibition Booth Design and Information for VIETSHRIMP

Exhibition Name: VIETSHRIMP – International Exhibition and Conference on Vietnam’s Shrimp Industry Technology.

Dates: From April 12, 2023, to April 14, 2023.

Venue: Can Tho International Exhibition Fair Center (EFC) – 108A Le Loi Street, Cai Khe Ward, Ninh Kieu District, Can Tho City.

Number of Booths: It is expected that more than 200 booths from domestic and international enterprises in the shrimp industry, and aquaculture in general, will participate.

Booth Setup: Booths will be designed in two forms: standard and special.

Other accompanying services include printing, design, transportation of goods, tables, chairs, etc.


The exhibited industries at the VIETSHRIMP event include:

+ Shrimp breeds

+ Pharmaceuticals

+ Feed

+ Machinery and equipment

Related industries to shrimp and aquaculture, in general, will also be displayed at the event for visitors to explore and choose from.

With the goal of “Enhancing the Value Chain,” Vietshrimp 2023 aims to introduce technology products, advanced models, and modern innovations to consumers.

In addition, the event also aims to promote the Vietnamese aquaculture industry, especially the shrimp sector, on the global market.

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Why choose Kconcept for exhibition booth design?

With many years of experience in designing exhibition booths for various industries across the country, Kconcept has undertaken numerous projects nationwide.

We have a team of experienced, highly skilled staff who can advise on designs that align with current trends for our customers.

Furthermore, Kconcept has a modern machinery system and ample workforce to support customers in completing projects as quickly as possible.


Kconcept is honored to accompany businesses at the VIETSHRIMP 2023 – International Exhibition and Conference on Vietnam’s Shrimp Industry Technology event.

We aspire to bring the shrimp industry closer to everyone.

Customers who use our comprehensive exhibition booth design service will receive many incentives, including free consultation and continuous support until the end of the event.

In particular, Kconcept commits to offering competitive prices for booth design and construction, ensuring that businesses can save costs while still receiving high-quality booths.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us for specific answers.

Contact Information


Address: C10 Rio Vista 72 Duong Dinh Hoi, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City


Tel: 0909157169

“At Kconcept, we understand that you have many choices. Thank you for choosing our services.”

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