Vietnam Investment – The International Exhibition for Investment and Trade in Vietnam is held every June with the aim of supporting domestic businesses to connect with foreign enterprises and create opportunities for image promotion and expanding business cooperation for investment promotion. Contact Kconcept if your business needs a comprehensive and professional exhibition booth design for Vietnam Investment Exhibition.

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Details about the Vietnam International Investment and Trade Exhibition

Location: Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC) – 799 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City.

Exhibition scale: With over 400 booths and more than 1,000 participating projects, it is expected to welcome more than 20,000 visitors.

Vietnam Investment – The International Exhibition for Investment and Trade in Vietnam is jointly organized by the Vietnam Advertising Association, the Ho Chi Minh City Business and Advertising Association, and the Southeast Advertising and Trade Promotion Joint Stock Company.

The exhibition, with the participation of many multi-sector businesses, has become the leading reputable trade connection program in Vietnam and the region. Its aim is to help businesses increase their business development opportunities through value chain business connections.




Participating businesses will have the opportunity to:

+ Access investment information and policies in Vietnam and other countries.

+ An ideal environment for businesses to comprehensively introduce and promote projects and brands to investors both domestically and internationally.

+ Save costs for investment promotion.

+ Access to both domestic and international investment funds.

+ Access preferential credit resources.

+ Meet leading experts in the investment field.

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Sectors and exhibition categories include:

+ Domestic Investment: Investment projects calling for investment from Vietnamese provinces and cities, investment projects from enterprises and corporations in various fields such as industry, agriculture, tourism, services, start-ups.

+ Foreign Investment: Foreign investment projects inviting businesses to participate, exhibitions and introductions of foreign business associations in Vietnam, settlement investment (USA, Europe, Australia, Dubai, etc.), citizenship and residence rights under investment, global settlement investment, direct investment.

+ Real Estate: Residential real estate, residential areas, urban areas, tourism real estate, industrial real estate (investment in industrial parks), finance, banking, securities, financial investment, banking services, investment consulting, securities investment.

+ Supporting Industries: Various supporting industrial products.

+ Trade: Exhibition and introduction of premium brands, products, and services from both domestic and international markets. Local and corporate business promotion activities.

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Kconcept – The professional booth design company for Vietnam Investment Exhibition, quality

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