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Detailed information about the Fly up Vietnam event – Hot Air Balloon Festival in Quang Nam

Hoi An is a famous city in Quang Nam province, a well-preserved ancient town with over 1000 architectural relics from streets, houses, assembly halls, shrines, pagodas, temples, clan houses, ancient wells, to traditional foods, and the souls of its people. A trip to Hoi An will captivate tourists with timeless beauty, simplicity, and rustic charm. It is precisely for these reasons that Flyup Vietnam has chosen this location to host the Hot Air Balloon Festival, the largest festival in Vietnam held in various regions and cities. The festival offers new experiences for both locals and tourists and aims to honor and promote Vietnam’s tourism, services, and commerce as key economic sectors.

Event date: June 16 – 22, 2023

Location: 1A Nguyen Phuc Chu, Ward Minh An, Hoi An City – My Son Tower, Duy Phu Commune, Duy Xuyen District, Quang Nam.

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Ticket prices

+ Neo Adult Ticket: 590,000 VND

+ Neo Child Ticket: 350,000 VND

+ Neo VIP Ticket: 950,000 VND

+ Neo VVIP Ticket: 2,500,000 VND

+ Adult entrance ticket: 100,000 VND

+ Child entrance ticket: 60,000 VND

Flight times: 6 AM – 9 AM and 5 PM – 9 PM daily

Other activities taking place at the event:

+ A combination of top-level shopping and entertainment activities:

+ Specialty product booths, souvenirs.

+ Experience hot air balloon flights for 6 – 25 passengers; paragliding;

+ Art performances and light displays on hot air balloons,…

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Kconcept – Professional Exhibition Booth Design and Construction Company

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