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Overview of the Giang Vo Spring Fair Event

The Giang Vo Spring Fair is an annual traditional event held during the Lunar New Year to introduce and promote consumer goods, food, and beverages to reputable businesses or from traditional brands from all regions.

This fair has a large scale, consisting of 200 booths, attracting nearly 150 businesses, production and business establishments from various provinces nationwide who register to exhibit and sell their products.


With the goal of creating a Vietnamese Lunar New Year atmosphere, the fair includes the participation of businesses offering agricultural products, safe food, staple goods, Tet-serving foodstuffs, seafood, handicraft products, furniture, and many other household fashion products.

The products displayed at the fair always adhere to the requirements regarding their origin, meeting food safety standards, and achieving certifications such as VietGap, Global Gap, and local certifications.

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Experience the Reliable Design and Construction Services of Giang Vo Spring Fair Booths at Kconcept.

Selecting a professional and high-quality design and construction firm for fair booths is of utmost importance for every business participating in exhibitions. Choose the most professional services to own impressive and attractive booths.

With over 10 years of experience in branding, booth design, and construction, Kconcept proudly stands as the preferred choice trusted by many businesses. We are committed to delivering high-quality products when you use our Giang Vo Spring Fair booth design and construction services.

Our Reputation:

Throughout our years of operation, Kconcept has delivered hundreds of eye-catching and impressive booth designs, becoming the top choice for businesses in all sectors.

Comprehensive Services:

We not only design booths but also offer full construction support if needed. Our comprehensive services at Kconcept include:

+ Booth rental

+ Exhibition equipment rental

+ Booth design and construction

+ Booth upgrades

+ Dismantling


With this all-inclusive service, businesses won’t have to spend much time contacting and researching multiple different providers, saving a significant amount of time and costs.

Affordable Costs:

Kconcept guarantees to provide businesses with the most beautiful and effective design models and execute them meticulously within the shortest time frame according to the budget set by the business.

With our customer satisfaction as a top priority, we promise that during the design and construction process, no additional costs beyond the contract will be incurred.

“At Kconcept, we understand that you have many choices, and we appreciate your selection of our services.”

Please come to Kconcept for the earliest consultation and support!



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