SaigonTex 2023 – International Exhibition for Textile & Garment Industry is promising to be an exceptional event for both businesses and attendees. If your business is in need of a full-service booth design and construction company, contact Kconcept now!


Overview of SaigonTex 2023 – International Exhibition for Textile & Garment Industry 

Saigon Tex is considered a premier domestic exhibition in the textile and garment industry. Each year, the exhibition attracts numerous manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and consumers from all over. 

The SaigonTex exhibition typically takes place from April 5th to 8th at the Saigon Exhibition and Convention Center (SECC). It is a significant event not only for the textile and clothing industry but also for international businesses looking to expand their presence in the Southeast Asian market and find potential investors. 


With its professionalism and scale, SaigonTex always provides customers with unique experiences and opportunities to connect with industry leaders. The exhibition is where businesses and customers access the latest products and services, as well as share experiences with partners and experts. 

Moreover, it is also a platform for businesses to explore trade, commercial opportunities, and international partnerships. This exhibition is an opportunity to seek and develop business collaborations, while helping companies enhance their competitiveness and market development.


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Why Choose Kconcept for Booth Design and Construction at SaigonTex? 

With the aim of bringing uniqueness and making a strong impression on your booth and visitors.

Kconcept, with years of experience and a highly skilled team, promises to provide your business with an impressive exhibition space that attracts a large number of customers. 

Furthermore, the company always offers competitive pricing and a variety of designs for customers to choose from and use comfortably. Kconcept is committed to ensuring the quality and timely execution of booth construction. 


The Booth Design and Construction Process at Kconcept

+ Receive information and requirements from customers in need of booth design and construction.

+ Consult on options, dimensions, materials, functions, and investment levels for the booth.

+ Agree on the design, provide feedback, and sign the booth construction contract.

+ Install the booth and hand it over. Transport or store it for future use.


If you are preparing to participate in the exhibition and are looking for a reputable, professional booth design and construction company to accompany your business, then Kconcept is the most suitable choice you are looking for. 

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