VIMF is a large-scale Industrial and Manufacturing industry exhibition event that attracts numerous businesses and customers. Companies participating in the event require a standout exhibition booth design, a professional team, and technical experts for VIMF booth construction. Contact Kconcept today for assistance and consultation on effective, comprehensive booth designs.


Details about the VIMF Binh Duong Industrial & Manufacturing Exhibition

Date: June 21, 2023 – June 23, 2023

Location: World Trade Center Expo BDNC, A19 Hung Vuong, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

VIMF Binh Duong 2023 – Vietnam Industrial & Manufacturing Exhibition is a large-scale international industry exhibition in Vietnam and Southeast Asian countries. VIMF serves as a crucial bridge connecting manufacturers, product suppliers, and customers, facilitating effective partner and agent search both locally and internationally.


Industries showcased at the event include:

+ Machinery, industrial tools, and equipment manufacturing

+ Precision mechanical manufacturing, industrial components

+ Industrial automation, plants, processes, system integration

+ Supply chain and solutions

+ Electricity, energy, and lifting equipment

+ Support equipment and industries

+ Robotics

+ 3D printing and design technology

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Why should businesses choose to use VIMF exhibition booth design services at Kconcept?

To meet the practical needs of customers, the exhibition booth needs to create its own appeal. The product should target the specific customer group it aims to attract.

With the goal of bringing a unique identity, differentiating the business’s booth, and making a strong impression on visitors, you can trust Kconcept, one of the reputable exhibition booth design companies, to provide exhibition booth design and construction services, as well as logo and sign board construction.


Kconcept, with years of experience in the industry and a highly skilled team, promises to deliver an impressive exhibition space that attracts a large number of customers. Additionally, the company offers competitive pricing and a wide range of designs for customers to choose from and use.

Furthermore, Kconcept ensures fast booth construction and quality assurance. The company also provides post-service benefits and various other advantages for customers.

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“Kconcept appreciates your choice of our services. We understand that you have many options, and we thank you for selecting our services.”

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