VILOG, the International Logistics Exhibition, is a major event organized by the Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade. This government-backed expo serves as a vital platform for domestic and international logistics businesses to network, showcase innovations, and explore new opportunities.

Scheduled for August 1-3 at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center (SECC) in Ho Chi Minh City, VILOG expects to attract over 20,000 visitors and feature more than 400 exhibitors from across the globe. The event covers a broad spectrum of logistics sectors, including transportation, technology, warehousing, and support services.

VILOG is more than just a logistics expo. It’s a marketplace where businesses involved in various industries, from food and seafood to manufacturing, can discover efficient logistics solutions. With its focus on facilitating connections between Vietnamese businesses and the global market, VILOG is a must-attend event for anyone operating in or interested in the logistics and supply chain sector.

Exhibition Booth

Exhibition Booth-1

Various sectors on display at the event include:

+ Transportation and Delivery: 3PL, air/sea/river/rail transportation, express delivery services, etc.

+ Services and Applications: real estate, finance, insurance, customs, appraisals, etc.

+ Information Technology: Intralogistics systems and software, computers, control technology, and sensors.

+ Packaging: Order and receipt management equipment, labeling, scales, measurement equipment, and packaging lines.

+ Warehousing: Warehouse systems, supply chains, factories, racks, pallets, containers, cranes, loading and unloading equipment, stacking systems, and more.

This is a government-supported event, so businesses participating in VILOG need to design their exhibition booths to be eye-catching and to easily connect with potential partners and customers.

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Kconcept is one of the leading units in Vietnam in the field of exhibition booth design and construction. With many years of experience in the field, a team of professional, creative, and capable technical designers to meet all customer requirements in terms of scale and quantity. We confidently commit to providing customers with the best quality products at reasonable costs.

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How to maked exhibition booth quality and appropriate budget

Businesses can present their goods, services, and brand image to potential partners and customers at exhibition fairs. To have a successful fair, businesses must invest in the design and construction of truly remarkable booth exhibitions showcasing the distinctive and unique characteristics of the brand in a fixed position and intended to attract customers.

With many years of industry expertise and skilled and innovative technical staff, Kconcept is delighted to be the top designer and constructor of exhibition booths in Vietnam. We are dedicated to giving our clients the finest customer service possible.

The company must decide whether the booth exhibition will be used to show and sell products, actual booths, or other things to have a proper booth. Another crucial element is the booth size, which is determined by the surrounding environment and the installation site. There are many different sorts of booth exhibitions available right now including regular booths, canvas booths, and others. They are all functional and simple to install. There must be a flat surface at the installation location hindered by obstructions like big trees or other things.


However, it is advisable to employ design booths for big corporations that want to market their brands to be able to meet such companies’ objectives. To provide adequate lighting, you should emphasize the booth and assure safety and aesthetics. It is important to pay attention to the electrical system and design of the booth during the installation process. The booth exhibition typically includes sufficient equipment systems, such as the set of booth installation equipment (material, frame, iron, wood, and electrical equipment, to name a few). A booth exhibition needs to feature a TV program, a sound system, and a standee for the booth. The only set of equipment used with regular booths consists of booths, chairs, tables, electrical equipment, and floor mats.

It is vital to search for reliable businesses with appropriate counsel from a team of professional personnel to have a booth exhibition with the correct objectives.

1/ Making an awesome exhibition booth design

Two or more open sides should be included in the design of the booth exhibition. This will make it simpler to show goods wherever they may be in the customer’s line of sight. Additionally, you will want to combine the placement of advisors on both sides of the booth to give the best advice to each visitor and encourage them to linger and learn more about the product.


2/ Displaying outstanding goods in the exhibition booth

The following step is to display the goods and make them appealing and accessible to buyers once you have a lovely exhibition stall design. It is critical to pay attention to displaying the most prominent products outside. For a professional design, it is advised to select products that are consistent with the business plan and use shelves that complement the product.


3/ Investing heavily in a marketing initiative during the exhibition

To be able to create a lasting impression on customers with their brand when participating in exhibitions, every firm must have a unique business strategy. Businesses typically employ pamphlets to offer details about their goods and services. Standees are decorated around the booth to serve as a quick introduction to the company. In addition, many companies utilize flyers or present with their logo printed on them to advertise and deliver gifts to clients. This approach increases the number of people who stop by the booth and is quite efficient at spreading the word about the business.


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In exhibits, it is crucial to have a striking booth exhibition. With an eye-catching booth, businesses and brands will attract potential customers successfully and make the brand’s new product lines well-known at events and shows. As a result, selecting a dependable and high-caliber construction design company is crucial for any organization taking part in the exposition. Select the most reputable services to have a striking and alluring booth exhibition.booth-exhibitionbooth-exhibitionKconcept is pleased to be the company that many companies have selected and trusted to design and construct exhibition booths in Vietnam. We are dedicated to providing you with high-quality products and have more than 10 years of expertise in the fields of branding, booth design, and construction. In addition to having a variety of industry knowledge, Kconcept is a well-known brand for providing guidelines that assist clients in optimizing service prices under their budgets, resulting in long-lasting business partnerships.booth-exhibition Although prices for goods and services are falling, clients have been always assured of a certain level of quality. Kconcept constantly enhances manufacturing, technology, processes, modifications, and updates to provide a growing number of high-quality goods and satisfy modern clients’ expectations. To produce goods and services of the utmost quality, Kconcept also has factories, offices, and associates with partners that are equipped with cutting-edge machinery and equipment systems.++ See more: Đơn vị thiết kế gian hàng hội chợ vietbuild Kconcept – nơi mang đến cho bạn những sản phẩm chất lượng

Kconcept is the best option if you’re getting ready to participate in an event and want to discover a trustworthy and experienced display booth exhibitions design and construction company that can support your business. The following steps are involved in gathering information and planning and building the display booth at Kconcept:+ Receiving information and requests from clients who need to design and build show booths.+ Consulting on choices for the booth’s sizes, materials, features, and cost ranges .+ Unify the design, get feedback, and sign the contract for the display booth’s construction.+ Installation and handover of exposition booths. Reuse, transport, or storage.booth-exhibition Kconcept pledges to follow the company’s established procedures for designing and constructing booth exhibitions. With many years of expertise attending several shows around Vietnam, Kconcept will be by your side throughout the whole exhibition process, from preparation to the conclusion. We are dedicated to giving happiness to every customer. In addition, we consistently satisfy the demands of quick booth building and are dedicated to quality control. The business also offers several incentives for clients as well as after-sales procedures.booth-exhibition“We know you have many choices at Kconcept, thank you for choosing our service” Come to Kconcept for advice and support as soon as possible!++ You may be interested: Đơn vị thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm Kconcept

  • Address: C10 Rio Vista 72 Duong Dinh Hoi, City, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Email:


Design and build exhibition booth Bifawood 3M PK by Kconcept
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm du lịch Địa Đạo Củ Chi tại Kconcept
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm Propack Westrock bởi Kconcept
exhibition booth

Exhibition booth or fair booth (English: Exhibition Booth ) is a space to display and introduce products, goods, services, projects of individuals or organizations at home and abroad.The booth is designed and furnished with beautiful and eye-catching interior and exterior space for the purpose of introducing products or selling at events, festivals, and exhibitions domestically and internationally.Exhibition booth designs can be placed indoors or outdoors, in exhibition centers, squares, etc. where there is a large space. Booths are designed from many different materials, meeting the requirements of fast – compact, cost optimization, easy assembly and disassembly at the end of the exhibition. Currently, trade exhibitions are held regularly as a form of trade promotion.

Trade exhibition booths are often organized according to a certain theme, so when businesses participate in displaying their products and services at the event, they need to create a difference and highlight to attract visitors and partners. It is also an opportunity for domestic businesses to exchange, learn experiences, and build cooperative relationships at home and abroad.Whether an individual, organization or business participating in a trade fair or exhibition needs to create an exhibition booth or, more precisely, design and construct an exhibition booth.Exhibition booth is a space for individuals or businesses participating in trade exhibitions to display and introduce their products, projects, services, etc. to customers or investors.

  • Exhibition booths are like building a house on an empty plot of land. When participating in an exhibition, customers will choose the floor area for their booth based on their needs, budget, and scale. Common floor areas will be: 3mx3m (1 booth) 3m x 6m (2 adjacent booths) 6m x 6m (4 booths) …
  • Usually exhibition booths are divided into 3 types:
  • Standardbooth
  • Booth Up Grade
  • Special exhibition booth(English: Booth Special) or called empty booth.
  • The most common and popular are standard booths and special exhibition booths.

Exhibition booth design and construction will be extremely important. Exhibition booth design and construction will help us see and know how the booth will be designed, in terms of color, layout and function, from which we can make timely adjustments to complete the booth with better quality before construction. If there is no design, the construction will be difficult because we do not know where to start >>> .See more: reputable advertising sign making in Ho Chi Minh City.

Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm 3M Hawa Expo 2023

Professional and quality exhibition booth design and construction at Kconcept

  • Exhibitions are places where businesses introduce their products, services, and company brand image to potential customers and partners.
  • The design and construction of exhibition boothsmust be truly impressive, showing the unique and distinctive features of the brand in a fixed space to attract customers.
  • In fact, whether a booth attracts visitors’ attention or not, whether they visit or not? It all depends on the first moment they find your booth.
Thiết kế thi công gian hàng triển lãm đặc biệt tại Kconcept

Having an impressive exhibition booth design is extremely important in trade fairs. An eye-catching and attractive booth design can be considered a great success for businesses and brands in connecting with potential customers.

In addition, exhibition booths are also a tool used to promote and popularize new product lines of the brand at trade fair events.

Therefore, choosing a reputable and quality design and construction unit like Kconcept is extremely important for every business when participating in the exhibition. Choose the most professional services to own an impressive and attractive booth.


We understand the wishes and concerns of customers about choosing a reputable unit to design and construct quality and effective exhibition booths, meeting the progress and quality of completion in construction, so our top priority is to bring customers absolute trust.Advantages when customers choose exhibition booth design and construction at Kc on cept


KCONCEPT is proud to be a unit designing and constructing exhibition booths in Vietnam ( Exhibition Booth in Vietnam ) trusted and chosen by many businesses. With more than 8 years of experience in the field of exhibition booth design and construction, we are committed to bringing you quality products, meeting the schedule.In addition to many years of experience in the industry, Kconcept is also known as a famous brand in providing policies to help optimize service prices in accordance with customers’ budgets, bringing long-term cooperative relationships.Although the price of products and services is reduced, the quality of products and services provided to customers is always guaranteed to be unchanged.

Review of exhibition booth construction project at Kconcept

Kconcept always improves production, technology, engineering, design thinking and creativity as well as changes and upgrades to create increasingly better quality design and construction products that are suitable for the needs of today’s customers. In addition, Kconcept has a factory, office and partners equipped with modern machinery and equipment, a team of good designers and technicians, with qualifications and experience to create products and services of the best quality.>>> Other services of Kconcept that may interest you: Signboard construction company


Kconcept is extremely grateful and honored to have been trusted and chosen by many large domestic and international customers for their exhibition booth design and construction services at Kconcept over the past time. Although there are still many shortcomings, we are committed to making continuous efforts to create the best service to satisfy customers.

Review of typical projects and positive feedback from Kconcept customers


To make the exhibition booth the best and highest quality, at Kconcept there is always a clear and specific working process in the design and construction of the exhibition booth, from which customers can easily grasp information to check progress, workload and quality.

  • Receive information and requests from customers who need to design and construct exhibition booths.
  • Consulting on options, sizes, materials, functions and investment levels for booths.
  • Agree on design, review and sign exhibition booth construction contract.
  • Exhibition booth installation and handover. Transport or storage for reuse.
  • Dismantle the booth after the exhibition ends and notify customers.

If you are preparing to attend an exhibition and want to find a reputable and professional exhibition booth design and construction unit that can accompany your business, Kconcept is the most suitable choice you are looking for.

Kconcept will accompany you throughout the exhibition process, from preparation to the end of the exhibition. With many years of experience participating in many exhibitions across the country, we are committed to bringing satisfaction to all customers.Not only that, we always meet the needs of quick booth construction and are committed to ensuring quality. In addition, the company also has after-sales policies for customers and many other incentives.

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Partner with Kconcept at International Logistics Exhibition – VILOG and pave the way for success!

Make a lasting impression at VILOG with a Kconcept-designed exhibition booth.

VILOG presents a golden opportunity to connect with industry leaders and showcase your logistics solutions. To maximize your impact, you need a booth that stands out. Kconcept, your trusted partner in exhibition booth design and construction, is here to help you achieve just that.

Why choose Kconcept for your VILOG booth?

  • Expertise: Our team specializes in creating impactful booth designs tailored to the logistics industry.
  • Customization: We work closely with you to understand your brand and goals, ensuring a booth that reflects your unique identity.
  • Quality: From design to construction, we prioritize exceptional craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • Efficiency: Our streamlined process guarantees timely delivery and installation of your booth.
  • Success: We have a proven track record of creating booths that generate leads and drive business growth.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your brand at VILOG. Contact Kconcept today to start planning your winning exhibition booth!

Exhibition Booth-2

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Actual images of the exhibition booth construction at Kconcept[/caption] Design and construction of the 3M – Phuoc Khang exhibition booth at the Motoshow exhibition – Construction photos by Kconcept Actual images of the exhibition booth construction at Kconcept

Kconcept we know you have many choices, thank you for choosing our service.  Come to Kconcept for the earliest advice and support!